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windmillsWCRE Announcement, December 2006 

The transition from fossil fuels and nuclear energy to renewable energies relies on the dedication, theoretical and practical skills of the coming generation. Constant growth within the renewable energy industries, institutes and organisations also provides tremendous personal and professional opportunities.

The WCRE is therefore happy to announce the launch of the World Wind Energy Institute.

Seven existing universities and centres in Brazil, Canada, China, Cuba, Denmark, Egypt and Russia offer 10 month programmes as a joint effort to provide new opportunities for education and training within wind energy and other renewables.

You will find details in the announcement below and on the homepage

Wind and integrated renewable energy training at leading centres around the world

An invitation 

The World Wind Energy Institute (WWEI) is a new worldwide decentralized network of existing training and research centres specializing in wind energy and integrated renewable energy technology. The WWEI offers an integrated ten month global training and education programme aimed at postgraduate students (and similarly qualified people) from around the world.